March Update – State of play

This blog has started a short way into development of King under the Mountain so I’ll use this post to bring you up to speed on where we’re at.

For those interested in the technologies being used, King under the Mountain is written in Java using the LibGDX framework. LibGDX allows you to cross-compile your game for deployment on many different target platforms, so a port to mobile/tablet is a possibility in the future but for now the project is aiming at PC only.  LibGDX is also a wrapper aroung LWJGL, which is a lower-level library and the one used to most notably create Minecraft.

The very first “working” version of the game was to get the concepts of the 2D world and “walls” working correctly. As I’m drawing inspiration from Prison Architect and a lot of older tile-based games, of course the game world in King under the Mountain is tile-based. The very first problem to tackle was the fact that as the game involves digging into the side of a mountain, I do not want walls next to each other to look like this:

Adjacent walls in Prison Architect
Adjacent walls in Prison Architect

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