We’re launching a Kickstarter for King under the Mountain on March 27th 2017. Making this game a reality is our dream project so we want it to be as successful as possible, and to do that, we need your help! If you sign up to this form we’ll drop you an email only when King under the Mountain launches on Kickstarter. We hate spam as much as everyone else so we’ll be sure to only use your email for this one-off notification, we’ll never give or sell your details on to anyone else.

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Sign up to our Thunderclap and win a free copy of the game!

We need your help to make this game a success. The best way you could do that is signing up to our Thunderclap campaign:

We know it’s a big ask to let an app post to your Facebook or Twitter account, but it really would make all the difference to us in getting our name out there into the world. So as an added incentive, Thunderclap lets us see who signed up to the campaign, and we’ll reward 1 in every 10 supporters with a free copy of King under the Mountain! The only rules for this are that you must use a “real” account with natural friends or followers, no bot or fake accounts (we can tell!). Once the Kickstarter campaign kicks off and the Thunderclap is unleashed, we’ll post an update letting you know who the lucky winners are.

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