Magic in King under the Mountain

We’re not just building a game with King under the Mountain, but a whole world with its own lore and history to act as a unique setting. This is the first of several worldbuilding articles which will help design and inspire both the artwork and mechanics of the game. This time, we’re going to talk about magic – what it is, how it works, and what it means to your characters.

An illustration of the magic system
An illustration of the magic system featuring a human mage

There’s more to the world of King under the Mountain than meets the eye, quite literally. The game takes place in the physical, material world. Invisible to the naked eye, there also exists a spiritual, immaterial reflection of the world known as the Immaterial. These two planes of existence are tied together by a substance known as aether – intangible and external – which permeates the entire world much like air and the wind. Complementing aether, all living creatures and the planet itself contain what is known as mana – a well of spiritual, immaterial energy. Much like yin and yang, these differing yet complementing essences can be combined to produce magic – fantastic displays of power produced by harnessing the energy of aether and mana in tandem.

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