Concept page now up on Steam Greenlight!

Though it’s early days yet, given the recent interest in the game from a wider community I thought it would be a good idea to add King under the Mountain to the “concept” section of Steam Greenlight. While I’m working hard on getting a playable alpha together for a proper greenlight process for distribution on Steam, please keep an eye on the Steam page for updates and feedback on what you’d like to see.

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Musical Interlude

While working on the technical side of King under the Mountain I’ve been in touch with several creative types to help out with the more artistic side of the game. I’m pleased to announce the first set of music tracks have been produced and they’re ready to be unveiled to the world!

Each of these tracks is to be used as peaceful background music while the player is building up and managing their settlement, so they share the same theme and goal, but differ in approach from each individual composer.

Designing the Mountains is by Juan I. Goncebat (Wind Wolf), you can view his website at and listen to more of his work at his BandCamp site

A Call to Create is by Frankie Rivera. His main website is his soundcloud site where you can listen to the rest of his work –

An Industrious Beginning is by Hannah (Safi Composer), who has a portfolio at

Peaceful Thoughts is by Bettina Calmon and she was kind enough to extend and update the track after initially finishing work on it. Bettina’s professional website is

All of the above artists are freelance composers with experience in creating a range of different music for games. If you’re a fellow indie game developer and need something composed, be sure to check them out!