King under the Mountain is a simulation-based settlement-building management game set in a fantasy world.

This settlement could be a dwarven stronghold dug into a mountain, a human town of various buildings, a tribe of orcs in a conquered dungeon, or even a lone wizard’s fortress filled with traps and magical constructs. The player gives orders to the population of their settlement: to collect resources, dig out mines, construct buildings and workshops, craft equipment and weapons, set up farms and the like. This plays out in real time as these orders are carried out, with the player reacting to disasters – natural or otherwise.

Once the player has a stable base to work from, they can send out parties of their most skilled warriors to go on adventures to collect items and resources not otherwise available from the settlement itself. These adventures could be to one of many (sometimes randomly-generated) locations: a monster’s lair, a dungeon with ancient treasure, or even another settlement long since abandoned. These adventures play out in a turn-based tactical combat system, where the player’s adventurers can use skills and abilities they’ve acquired through training and experience.

These adventures are where King under the Mountain can really shine. As players build up and develop their settlements, they can automatically upload a “copy” of their fortress to a central server. Most adventures will actually be to explore and loot another player’s settlement. This allows people to experience your own creations first hand – as adventurers on a quest to explore it! Players can receive bonuses and rewards both from exploring other player’s settlements and allowing other players to come to their own stronghold. As these settlements are only copies of the original, and most of the time adventures taking place in them will not be at the same time the creator is playing, nothing is lost by players opting in to this feature.

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Key Features

  • Build and manage a fantasy settlement in a procedurally-generated world
  • Complete mod support – everything you see in the game can be modified or replaced
  • Multiple races each with their own unique playstyle
  • Turn-based tactical combat
  • Asynchronous multiplayer – explore other players’ creations!


  • Developer: Rocket Jump Technology Ltd
  • Based in: Manchester, UK
  • Target platforms: Windows PC, Mac
  • Release Date: TBD
  • Contact: ross@kingunderthemounta.in